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About EaglePicher Technologies

The EaglePicher product line includes proprietary, customizable batteries and off-the-shelf batteries for implantable cardiac rhythm management, neuromodulation and cochlear devices. We offer the broadest range of electrochemistries for implantable devices, lithium ion, lithium carbon monofluoride and lithium thionyl chloride in a variety of sizes, shapes and energy densities.

Our high-performance batteries are enhanced by the importance we place on establishing a collaborative technical relationship with our clients to ensure battery specifications are finely tuned to each customer’s application. We customize battery solutions to your unique device needs and provide the technical resources to support development, from concept to commercialization.

With decades of operational, manufacturing and R&D expertise, EaglePicher creates safe, long-lasting and reliable power sources to meet the specific battery requirements for even your most advanced, compact and innovative application.

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Products by EaglePicher Technologies

By EaglePicher Technologies

- Contego 3 mAh - Lightweight, high energy density,sub-miniature size cylindrical cell with excellent cycle life - Contego 50 mAh, Contego 60 mAh, Contego 225 mAh and Contego 325 mAh - Implantable grade lightweight, high energy density cells with superior rate capability and excellent cycle life Read more »