Abaco Systems Announces Newest Rugged Graphic Output Boards

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.— September 30, 2021 Abaco Systems announced the release of both the NPN244 which is VITA 65 aligned and the NPN244S which is aligned to the SOSA™ technical standard. Both graphics output boards are rugged 6U VPX high-performance computers (HPC). The release in both form factors demonstrates Abaco’s leadership in adapting the latest GPU technologies for the rugged defense, aerospace, and industrial market sectors.

The NPN244 and the NPN244S are based on NVIDIA® Turing™ architecture and available on either the NVIDIA RTX5000™ or the NVIDIA RTX3000™ platform. These graphics output boards take full advantage of the NVIDIA GPUDirect™ RDMA to minimize latency for real-time video and data streaming, while more power sensitive applications can make use of NVIDIA’s RTX3000. Ultimately, this allows the end user to do more with less, or to just do more, with up to 18.98 TFLOPs peak performance.

The NPN244S is a part of Abaco’s roadmap of over 20 products designed to align to the SOSA standard and their wider 6U portfolio – which also includes the IPN254, SBC6511, and SWE550S. The development of both boards reflect the markets need for a products which provide the very latestin high performance GPGPU computing and graphics generation applicationsfor our customer’s next generation systems and architectures. The ability to choose between alignment to either the VITA 65 or SOSA standard in a 6U profile increases flexibility and lowers risk.

Both boards are aimed at data-intensive digital signal processing military and civil applications – including ISR, high performance airborne radar, synthetic aperture radar, and ground moving target indicators and are supported by Abaco’s AXIS ImageFlex which enables rapid development of high-performance image processing, visualization and autonomy applications aimed at size, weight and power (SWaP) sensitive platforms. 

Pete Thompson, vice president of product management for Abaco Systems, said, “Abaco’s innovative approach allowing for an end-user to choose the profile that best meets their needs ensures we can deliver a product that enables our customers to succeed in the long run. Our commitment to continually delivering the latest technology and products while expanding our portfolio maintains our position as industry leaders in the aerospace, defense, and industrial market sectors.”

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