Abaco Systems Announces Innovative Security Upgrades to Switch Management Software

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.— October 11, 2021 Abaco Systems announced OpenWare V6.6, which delivers an innovative networking solution with additional features and security patches on our flexible networking management software. This release delivers on our promise to provide regular updates to OpenWare every six months and shows our commitment to taking security seriously by including the latest CVEs, while also providing customer focused new features and usability enhancements.

OpenWare V6.6 features Network Address Translation support on the SWE450A, which allows the end user to route between networks. This provides the customer with the ability to deploy the switch in more complex network architectures while avoiding the need for an additional hardware. Version 6.6 also offers ERPS Redundant Ring Support, which creates redundancy in a network built with multiple switches, so that if one switch fails the others can bypass the failed switch to keep the network alive. Security continues to be a priority with several under-the-hood updates and patches implemented for known CVEs.

Abaco continues to be a market leader in the rugged embedded switch market by releasing new versions of our in-house switch management software on a regular schedule. This feature development  enables customers to succeed by tailoring OpenWare to their needs. Customers are able to solve their networking challenges with increased speed and effectiveness, resulting in improved usability. It also allows inexperienced users to readily get up to speed with a configured OpenWare Switch that has been improved by increasing coverage of the features available. OpenWare V6.6 is available for a wide range of NETernity products, including 3U VPX products like the SWE440S and the RES3000 COTS system.

Pete Thompson, vice president of product management for Abaco Systems, said, “OpenWare V6.6 once again proves that Abaco is leading the way in rugged switches by continuing to invest in improvements and optimization of our switch management software. Providing advanced features to our customers allows development of more complex and robust networks – ensuring our customers have exactly what they need to succeed.”

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