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About AEVA

AEVA is a leader for turbine ignition system, solid state ignition and a major provider of Embedded electronics, braking control units, cockpit panel indicators, NGT indicators, EGT indicators, Speed sensors,\tVariable reluctance speed sensor, pressure sensors & thermal sensors, Engine instruments display systems.
AEVA provides solutions from design to production and MCO of the systems.

Competitors of AEVA

Ahlers Aerospace, Inc.

The aircraft industry has seen much consolidation in recent years. So much, that many companies and the military are struggling to find someone to manufacture the instruments and other components that they need to deliver aircraft and to keep their fleets in the air. At Ahlers Aerospace, we... Read More

Consolidated Instrument, Inc. 

Servicing a wide range of aircraft instruments, avionics and accessories on aircraft from general aviation, regional, to large commercial fleets. Specializing in altimeters, course indicators, flight directors, gyroscopes, and tachometers to name a few. Read More

Products by AEVA


Low consumption electronics in safety critical applications • Adaptive solutions based on low consumption and high reliability • Torque/Temperature (T45, OAT) • Speed (NR, NF, NG, delta NG) • Pressure (oil, etc) • Needles : simple, double, triple • 7 segments display : simple, double • Lighting... Read more »


Speed, pressure & thermal sensors A range of key sensor technologies • Speed sensors • Pressure transmitters • Thermal switches • Thermocouples • Turbines and helicopters applications Read more »


Reliable and customized ignition systems for flight safety • Single or Dual channel ignition systems • Design combining primary and re-heat ignition • Patented solid state solutions • Long life solutions • Simple but reliable electronics (high temperatures and vibrations) More than 50,000 units... Read more »

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