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By Alto Aviation

One of the key features of this Cabin Management System is modularity. This approach allows us the ability to phase the upgrades based on scope and budget. The switch panels can also be upgraded to include USB charging and HDMI input. ALTO’s Cadence Switch System controls every aspect of the... Read more »

By Alto Aviation

The CSS also consists of controllers that provide load control and temperature control. The 8 Channel relay controller is a configurable unit that interfaces with the switches. This controller approach allows a user to easily configure a system to meet any requirement. A temperature controller... Read more »

By Vislink Technologies

The CRX6 Receiver is a ruggedized COFDM DVB-T compliant six-way diversity central receiver. It offers exceptional RF performance and IP-66 environmental durability for external use. The CRX6 is the new generation of receive systems. Unlike equipment at typical diversity receive sites, with... Read more »

By Per Vices

Chestnut offers high bandwidth, extended tuning range, and high digital throughput. Chestnut SDR offers 4 receive and 4 transmit radio chains, each independently controlled, with up to 500 MHz of bandwidth per chain. The architecture allows for either a common LO or separately tuned LOs to be... Read more »


Low consumption electronics in safety critical applications • Adaptive solutions based on low consumption and high reliability • Torque/Temperature (T45, OAT) • Speed (NR, NF, NG, delta NG) • Pressure (oil, etc) • Needles : simple, double, triple • 7 segments display : simple, double • Lighting... Read more »

By Performance Software

Solutions Include: Secure Connectivity, Wireless Data Loading, and World-Class Data Transform your cloud-based connected aircraft ideas into real solutions. Performance offers comprehensive connected solutions equipped with secure hardware and software to enable continuous connectivity,... Read more »

By Per Vices

Crimson TNG is the best-valued SDR in its class. Crimson TNG offers a 4 receive and 4 transmit radio chain architecture that supports independent control on each of the radio chains or the ability to share a common LO for better phase coherency and stability performance. Each radio chain has an... Read more »


THOMMEN offers tailor-made replacement solutions for legacy CRT or LCD displays to meet the specific requirements of the operator. THOMMEN specializes in offering customized aftermarket display solutions. We can provide tailored replacements for legacy CRT or LCD cockpit and mission displays... Read more »

By Per Vices

Cyan is the highest performing COTS SDR available. Providing simultaneous support for up 16, fully independent, transmit or receive radio channels, each with a standard 1 GHz of RF bandwidth and support for up to 3 GHz, and up to 16 bit converters, this flexible platform can tune from near DC to... Read more »