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  • Digital Air Data Computer AC32 By THOMMEN AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT Ltd.

    The Digital Air Data Computer AC32 measures barometric altitude and airspeed using vibrating cylinder pressure sensors for both static and pitot ports. These sensors are highly accurate and stable making the AC32 virtually drift-free, effectively eliminating calibration and exceeding FAA... Read More
  • Digital Air Data Display AD32 By THOMMEN AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT Ltd.

    The AD32 combines an air data computer with a digital altimeter in a 3ATI form factor. This makes the AD32 ideally suited for replacing standby altimeters in fixed wing & rotorcraft while minimizing installation efforts. The AD32 measures pitot and static pressure using Vibrating Cylinder... Read More
  • DU-1310 By Honeywell International Inc.

    The DU-1310 cockpit display unit provides business aviation operators equipped with the Primus Epic® platform a high-resolution primary or multifunction liquid crystal display (LCD) for enhanced situational awareness. These LCDs maximize the viewable area for weather, charts, traffic and terrain... Read More