Products in the Avionics International Vendor Directory

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  • MAGIC1 Rugged Display Computer By Abaco Systems Inc.

    The rugged small form factor MAGIC1 display computer combines state-of-the-art CPU technology with the latest graphics processing units (GPUs) to deliver unprecedented levels of performance for such rugged applications. Where the platform is unmanned, the ability to provide a higher level of... Read More
  • 3ATI High-Resolution AMLCD Display Module By THOMMEN AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT Ltd.

    With an undisputed reputation of delivering highly reliable and customizable avionics solutions, THOMMEN now presents a compact and state-of-the-art high resolution AMLCD display module for forward fit or retrofit OEM programs. Packaged to fit into a typical 3ATI case, this display frontend is... Read More
  • 7001NT-028 By Tecknowledgey Inc.

    APU Hour Meter, Mil P/N: M7793/14-1, Elapsed Time Indicator, Meter, Time Totalizing, Military qualified by NAVAIR and on the DoD's Qualified Products List (QPL) Read More
  • 7002NT-028 By Tecknowledgey Inc.

    APU Event Counter: Counts service intervals. Read More