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  • SBC314C Flight-Certifiable Single Board Computer By Abaco Systems Inc.

    The SBC314C flight-certifiable single board computer is engineered in accordance with DO-178C and DO-254 and is available with supporting artifacts. It delivers great and proven performance thanks to the Power Architecture T2081 processor, and its diverse I/O set brings high functionality to the... Read More
  • Skytelligence By SmartSky Networks

    Skytelligence is a web platform enabling digital innovation across aviation, simplifying access to real-time data and reducing development time and costs to bring new ideas, apps and services to life. Skytelligence’s unique digital marketplace: - Customized Platform - Community Portal - Deliver... Read More
  • SmartSky Flagship By SmartSky Networks

    SmartSky is the next generation air-to-ground (ATG) Wi-Fi system for all segments of aviation. It provides an unmatched office-like, multi-megabit, bidirectional throughput with low latency to each aircraft, enabling a wide range of applications for both cabin and crew. Our lightweight,... Read More
  • SmartSky LiTE By SmartSky Networks

    Light jet and turboprop operators, join the inflight connectivity revolution. Create an office in the sky for passengers while boosting safety and flight efficiencies. SmartSky LiTE™ transforms both cockpit and cabin with Wi-Fi quality previously available only on the ground. Read More
  • SmoothSky™ By SmartSky Networks

    SmoothSky is the first live turbulence avoidance application for business aviation. Rather than relying on forecasts and subjective pilot reports, SmoothSky uses crowdsourced, aircraft-generated data. - Avoid turbulence in real time - Improve passenger experience - Optimize flight and route... Read More
  • Speed Sensor By AEVA

    Speed, pressure & thermal sensors A range of key sensor technologies • Speed sensors • Pressure transmitters • Thermal switches • Thermocouples • Turbines and helicopters applications Read More
  • SV-H6D Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera By TherCam

    The TherCam SV-H6D Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera offers exceptional resolution and sensitivity for condition monitoring, electrical and mechanical inspection, and building inspection. This handheld advanced thermal imaging camera is equipped with a 640 x 480 thermal resolution detector to... Read More
  • SV-T10-F Body Temperature Screening Camera By TherCam

    The TherCam Dual Spectrum IR Rapid Temperature Screening Camera is a non-contact, real-time, continuous inspection tool that allows users to assess body temperatures in healthcare and health quarantine applications safely. The SV-T10-F’s facial recognition can report temperatures with pinpoint... Read More
  • SV-T33D Dual-spectrum Temperature Detection Camera By TherCam

    The TherCam SV-T33D-2 Dual-Spectrum Temperature Detection Camera is a go-to option for extreme light conditions and temperature conditions. This Dual-Spectrum Temperature Camera helps to provide full situational awareness and. Plus, it is built to withstand harsh environments. Read More
  • SV-TA Industrial Use Thermal Camera Core By TherCam

    The TherCam SV-TA Industrial-Use Thermal Camera Core is a non-contact, real-time, continuous temperature measurement instrument for detecting the temperature change of industrial equipment. Combined with our software, it can be used for fault detection, industrial process control, and equipment... Read More
  • SWE440A By Abaco Systems Inc.

    The SWE440A combines true 40/10G switching capability with a link to legacy 1000BASE-T systems. Read More
  • Systems and Software Development By Performance Software

    No one knows aviation like we do. Performance is a leading systems and software development firm with more than 20 years of Business and Air Transport jet experience across business, commercial and military applications. Specializing in embedded software and airworthiness certification and... Read More