Neoptera Aero Ltd

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24 Rock Lane, Stoke Gifford
Bristol BS348PF
United Kingdom
About Neoptera Aero Ltd
  • The eOpter is a winged VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft. It combines the Versatility of rotary-wing helicopters (operating from compact heliport) with the Efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft (for better range). This patented Tail-sitting,Tandem-wing, aircraft has a Tilting body for pilot and passenger comfort. The aircraft features a single non-safety critical moving part which, together with a tail-sitting configuration allows "Continued Safe Flight and Landing" under any failure conditions. The eOpter is designed to meet the "Enhanced Category" certification requirements of EASA SC-VTOL.

    The aircraft will be available in all-electric version for Urban missions up to 50 miles and hybrid-electric version for Public Services missions (HEMS, Logistics).
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