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  • IMU-NAV-100 – High Performance Navigation Grade Inertial Measurement Unit

    The Inertial Labs Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU-NAV) is the latest addition to the Inertial Labs Advanced MEMS sensor-based family. Revolutionary due to its compact, self-contained strapdown, tactical grade Inertial Measurement Systems and Pitch & Roll Sensor, that measures linear... Read More
  • IMU-P - Inertial Measurement Unit

    IMU-P is a new generation of compact size (39 x 45 x 22 mm), low weight (70 gram) and high performance Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). It contains 3 highly accurate Advanced MEMS gyroscopes and 3 ultra high performance accelerometers. The IMU-P is factory fully calibrated and compensated over... Read More
  • KERNEL-100 - Inertial Measurement Unit and Digital Tilt Sensor

    Kernel-100 is a revolutionary compact, self-contained industrial-grade inertial measurement system that measures linear acceleration and angular rates with three-axis MEMS accelerometers and three-axis MEMS gyroscopes. Fully calibrated, temperature compensated, mathematically aligned to an... Read More
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  • Quality and Quantity — A Detailed Look at the Inertial Labs Kernel-100 By

    The Kernel-100 is a compact and lightweight Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Digital Tilt Sensor (DTS) that consists of precision tri-axis MEMS accelerometers and tri-axis MEMS gyroscopes. This industrial grade IMU measures linear accelerations and angular rates with low noise and good... Read more
  • The Inertial Labs miniAHRS and Directional Surveillance By

    A directional survey is a survey method that can be used to map a variety of underground drilling applications. Directional surveys are used to map a planned underground route by using aiding data provided from any combination of directional survey stations. Directional survey stations serve as... Read more
  • The Inertial Labs INS-D-OEM with Spoofing Protection By

    Satellite constellations use RF signals to transmit information to GNSS receivers. These signals contain information on the satellite ephemeris, clock bias parameters, almanac, satellite health status and other information. Receivers use these signals to compute position (and timing) information... Read more
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