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About Per Vices

Per Vices is a leading RF and digital systems innovator and integrator supplying multiple industries with wireless communication solutions. Per Vices is an industry leader in developing, deploying, and integrating high-performance software-defined radio platforms with the highest bandwidth and customer-focused designs, to support a wide variety of applications within defense, civil, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, low latency networks, global positioning (GPS/GNSS), radar, test & measurement, spectrum monitoring, and broadcasting & wireless management industries. The company offers cost-effective stock products, rapid custom development, and full integration support to meet customer-specific modifications and project requirements.

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Products by Per Vices

By Per Vices

Cyan is the highest performing COTS SDR available. Providing simultaneous support for up 16, fully independent, transmit or receive radio channels, each with a standard 1 GHz of RF bandwidth and support for up to 3 GHz, and up to 16 bit converters, this flexible platform can tune from near DC to... Read more »

By Per Vices

Crimson TNG is the best-valued SDR in its class. Crimson TNG offers a 4 receive and 4 transmit radio chain architecture that supports independent control on each of the radio chains or the ability to share a common LO for better phase coherency and stability performance. Each radio chain has an... Read more »

By Per Vices

Chestnut offers high bandwidth, extended tuning range, and high digital throughput. Chestnut SDR offers 4 receive and 4 transmit radio chains, each independently controlled, with up to 500 MHz of bandwidth per chain. The architecture allows for either a common LO or separately tuned LOs to be... Read more »